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Shauna Abney is a conservative activist and speaker that was thrust into the world of political activism January 2019. As an avid keyboard crusader, she was asked to be an administrator on a Facebook page called the Coalition against Michelle Lujan Grisholm (MLG). She was then approached by Darryl Dunlap to help found and create the New Mexico Patriots, a grassroots organization that has fought many issues that arose with the New Mexico legislative session in January 2019 under the explicit direction of MLG and her liberal/socialist agenda. As the VP/CEO of the New Mexico Patriots, she has traveled across the state fighting 2nd Amendment infringements, illegal aliens crossing into our state, late term abortion, the full on assault of our oil and gas industries and any other unconstitutional ideals that have arisen.


Trusting God and His direction in her life, she has started a new journey, the United Conservative Movement in which she is speaking to conservative/moderate political parties, grassroot organizations and church groups to spur everyone to become active in the political process and unite them in order to take our state and country back from the throws of socialism that is destroying the very fabric of our society.

Born to a JFK Democrat she was taught, by example, the importance of being involved in the political world and defending the true values of the American dream. Although she embraced conservative ideals and is an avid constitutionalist, she has used her father’s wisdom and direction in trying to make a difference in our political framework.  As a Christian, wife, mother, grammie, registered nurse, and mom to 3 fur babies, her sense of caring and communication is evident in her speaking.

She combines importance of activism and unity with a twist of comedy and satire to keep you engaged and wanting to learn more.

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